Matt Smith playing on a playground during Doctor Who filming.

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The relationship between Cap and the Winter Soldier was never resolved at the end of the last movie. Thinking about where that relationship can go is a piece of the puzzle for us for sure. That character is a wonderfully, beautifully tragic figure in the sense of is he the world’s most feared assassin or is he the world’s longest serving POW. Is he innocent by reason of insanity or the equivalent of it because he’s been mind controlled or is he irredeemable? Is he ever going to be acceptable to Cap again as the friend that he used to be before he was the Winter Soldier? These are very philosophical, emotional questions that pique our interest and definitely form one layer of the next movie.

Anthony Russo [x].

*Punches the air.* YES! The directors get it. Cap 3 is going to be amazing.

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Things I’m gonna do when this movie comes out: cry forever probably.

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This makes me giggle


This makes me giggle

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Misha and his glorious hair [x]


Misha and his glorious hair [x]

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So Jensen told us that he dreams about Dean giving away the Impala after Sam dies because he can’t stand to have anyone else in the passenger seat.

Remember that time Jared told us that sometimes he wakes up and the first word out of his mouth is “Dean” because he forgets that he’s not Sam?


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